2 x 80Nm3 @ 95% N2-Generator for redundant operation

Successful FAT together with DNV-GL Maritime for our customer TGE Marine Gas Engineering. 2 x 80Nm3 @ 95% N2-Generator for redundant operation. Peter Hoogduin, our senior electrical Engineer build the integration between the Cargo Control Room (CCR) the Nitrogen Plant and Dry Air Plant. Control is done by PLC which is capable of handling a variety of communication protocols as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP-IP, Profibus, and the Local Area Network by Ethernet. Furthermore there is the digital IO and Analog IO mounted at the PLC.

Communication with CCR is done through a MODBUS RTU connection.

Communication with the Nitrogen and Dry Air plant is a Profibus connection convered to Atlas Copco (AC) CANBUS by using AC MK5 Gateway.

The system handles the readout of the various variables from the plant's control start-stop based on Dewpoint, Nitrogen quality, and delivered Nitrogen pressure or dry air pressure.

The alarm control is also handled by the system it reads the prewarning, warnings, and alarms from the plant which are generated in the various AC controllers and takes the necessary control actions to keep the production of N2 active to the vessel.

The emergency stop is done outside the PLC the status of the emergency stop is given to the PLC and handled in the alarm system.

The system is redundant and in case of stopping one set by failure the other system starts automatically.

As you may expect from AAApropulsion standard we will log the data at a memory card in the PLC so that we can look back in the history of

the same principle as in our propulsion A-pod series. Therefore we can give 5 years warranty on our propulsion systems,

the AAApropulsion A-pod series in combination with an SLA.



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