N2 generator, for Group Peeters

AAApropulsion has delivered a mobile N2 nitrogen generator to Group Peeters in Belgium. Due to the construction in a standard sea container, it can easily be delivered by truck to any location.

Early May, AAApropulsion delivered the mobile N2 generator to Group Peeters in Belgium.

We worked with A-suppliers like Atlas Copco for the hardware components.

Working method

The installation is connected to an external compressor which supplies compressed air. This compressed air first passes through a refrigeration dryer and a series of filters where all moisture and oil is filtered out. This “dry” air is measured for pressure, temperature and dew point. When all of these variables are within specifications, the first valve will switch, allowing air to enter the nitrogen membranes. Within these membranes there are numerous fibers in which the nitrogen molecules are separated from the compressed air. Nitrogen flows out at the outlet side while oxygen-enriched gas escapes at the side opening. The nitrogen produced goes through a manual control valve and a flowmeter, among other things. By operating the control valve, the purity of the nitrogen can be determined (up to 99%).

Unique solution

What makes this installation unique is that it is built into a standard 20 feet container.

This makes the set easy to transport from A to B and can be used quite quickly. The container is in turn mounted on a so-called “twist-lock frame”. With this it is possible to make the container quite simple by means of load a hook on a truck. So you don't need a crane or forklift. The set has only one interface side with all inlets and outlets on it. The roller shutter with the control box behind it is also on the same side. Features such as accessibility, user-friendliness and simplicity were particularly important when designing the set.



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