PLC control systems

Companies also find AAApropulsion for N2 generators. Companies like TGE Marine Gas Engineering and Group Peeters likes to do business with us because of our knowledge of N2 Generators and the integrated PLC control. For example, for Group Peeter, AAApropulsion has built a mobile N2 nitrogen generator. Due to the construction in a standard sea container, it can easily be delivered by truck to any location. We work with an A-supplier like Atlas Copco for the hardware components.

PLC control

Recently we have built a knowledge system for Helmus, a bulb cooker and scrubber in our region, which automates the "cooking" of bulbs and reduces energy costs. AAApropulsion has delivered the electrical integration part, Power Management and the data information processing to a higher-level system. We also realized the interaction with the user through RFI, HMI and Wi-Fi. The delivery consists of:

  • 1 PLC per cooking installation.
  • The frequency controls for the various motors to realize electrical savings and be able to adjust the needed electrical power.
  • The RFI readers and carriers, ultra senor sensors, proximity switches and Fail Safe Emergency Stop system.
  • Integration between HMI and iPad mounted on the forklift so that the system is accessible through the whole building.

Whereas in the past a work order of 0.5 hour was required for a cooking assignment of 4 hours, this has now been reduced to 4 minutes.

During cooking, the most important parameters are stored in a database every 10 seconds, which are sent to a higher-level administration system after the cooking process so that afterwards it can be demonstrated how the cooking went.

PLC control A-pod

Our PLC knowledge is very imported for the success of our A-pod range. The unique mechanical design of our A-pods vessel propulsion is patented, but certainly also thanks to the PLC control system, our POD controls are a forerunner in electric ship drives. This PLC control knowledge can be used by AAApropulsion in many applications.

Big data for maintenance plan

Of course we also do data analysis for our own A-pod drives. This data is important input for the service program that we offer. That is why we also provide a 5-year guarantee through our SLA.

TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH (‘TGE Marine’) with its head office in Bonn, Germany, is the leading engineering, procurement, and construction supervision(EPCS) solution provider to the growing cryogenic gas markets, specialising in cargo handling systems and tanks for LPG, LEG, Ethane, and LNG carriers.

Group Peeters is one of the largest independent industrial cleaning companies. As a family business, after more than 60 years, we have grown into an international organization with nearly 1,000 employees, various branches locations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and an international division.

A. Helmus BV is a rinsing company with many years of experience in rinsing and hot water treatment (boiling) of bulbs and perennials, but you can also come to us for fruit trees, rootstocks, rose bushes, peonies, astilbes and planting material. This allows you to export, save or grow them with confidence.



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